Mobile Notary Services vs UPS Store: Which Should You Choose?

Mobile Notary Services vs UPS Store: Which Is Better?

Trying to decide whether to hire mobile notary services or head to the UPS Store? If so you’re in the right place… read on to find out which service is right for you!

A notary’s verification of your signature is necessary for many different types of papers to be legally binding, including mortgages, prenuptial agreements, declarations, and sworn affidavits.

While it can seem convenient to use a UPS notary, there are several advantages to hiring a mobile notary service instead.

It’s likely that proximity and authenticity will be two of the most important criteria while searching online for a notary. Being aware of where a notary may be found is only half the fight. Part of the solution is figuring out how to get in touch with them, and part is making the time to do so.

At first look, the UPS notary service seems simple and straightforward to use. All you need to do is find a UPS location that offers the service, take your documents there, present a supporting ID, and finish the procedure.

However, behind the surface, there is an annoyance that may frustrate regular users of notary services.

In comparison, utilizing a mobile notary is just as legitimate but you don’t need to rearrange work or go too far to get your documents signed. Discover the dissimilarity with me as we go through it.

The Role of a Mobile Notary Service: What Is It and How Is It Different?

You may employ notary services across UPS store locations, but you would need to attend there in person. It’s also important to verify that the UPS location you’re considering has notary services available.

In essence, you’ll have to put in the effort to find the correct place, travel there, maybe wait in line, or arrange an appointment. To a real estate firm, brokerage, or small company owner, taking time away from work like this may seem like a huge waste of time.

With a mobile notary service, you won’t have to worry about making travel arrangements or carrying large documents. The mobile notary industry was built around helping people who need signing agents come to them in a timely manner (usually same day) – without having to travel to an office on the other side of town.

For example, if you need mortgage loans or medical documents signed by a fully-licensed signing agent, we can send one of our signing agents to your location whether it’s a hospital, nursing home, or your closest Starbucks.

In addition to being available during normal business hours, mobile notaries can come to you at any time.

Notarizations performed by a mobile notary are quicker, more efficient, and more easily accessible than those performed at a UPS shop. Las Vegas Notary 24/7 is here to assist you with all your notary needs, whether you need loan signing agents for financial institutions, loan documents, or real estate closings for title companies.

Can you explain the role of the UPS Notary?

It’s possible that you may find a notary signing agen at your neighborhood UPS location or through a UPS notary. Every one of the store’s 3,900 locations across the world is equipped to do notarizations by appointment.

This figure, however, may be deceptive because it may be more difficult than it seems to locate a local business that provides notarization services. It’s not unusual, though, for the local UPS notary service to be booked solid for the day.

You should bring the required paperwork to your scheduled appointment at a UPS store or with a UPS notary. What you need to have with you to have your documents notarized is the paperwork itself and a government-issued picture ID. You can’t use UPS’s notary service unless you have these items, which they require before proceeding with a notarization.

Different notarization regulations apply in the United States depending on where you live.

Certain states, like South Carolina, Louisiana, and others, mandate the presence of witnesses while consulting a notary public.

In the state of Nevada, on the other hand, you’re not required to have witnesses for a notary to authenticate your signature.

UPS notaries are legally bound by the state in which they work and must adhere to its guidelines.

If you don’t live near a UPS store or can’t make it during business hours, you may be out of luck.

A notary public in some jurisdictions is not allowed to also serve as a witness. Before visiting a business or a UPS office, please familiarize yourself with these regulations.

The UPS Store will handle the shipping of your document after you have completed the relevant paperwork at your notarization appointment.

Mobile Notary Services vs UPS Store Notary: Which is Best?

Working with notaries might be a common part of your job, depending on your industry. A mortgage or real estate transaction may need you to fill out an I-9 form, sign a contract or both. There are some business papers that will need to be notarized before they may be legally binding.

Benefits of Using Mobile Notary Services

Mobile notary services allow you to avoid the trouble of scheduling a notarization appointment at a UPS location.

Here are a few of the ways in which mobile notaries excel as a professional option:

Easily Accessible

However, depending on whether you live in a city or a rural area, the number of local UPS stores might be as low as one or two.

Mobile notary services, on the other hand, are prepared to travel to you regardless of where you are.

Examples include Las Vegas Mobile Notary 24/7, which has National Notary Association Certified notaries who are all fully prepared to travel to your location and handle any signing need with ease and professionalism thanks to extensive training and certification.


Secondly, it’s convenient to use mobile notary services since you don’t have to leave your house.

It’s hard to fathom having to go out in the cold or miss work to get some paperwork notarized, yet that’s exactly what some people have to do. That’s what you should anticipate if you choose to visit a UPS location.

If you employ a mobile notary, the notary public will come to you, so there’s no need to get dressed and leave the house. They assist you in signing the required paperwork, completing any required forms, completing the notarial act with connected certificates, and recording the transaction in their journals.

You won’t have to waste time worrying about remembering to bring anything or scheduling and traveling to a physical location for business.

Flexible Hours

Thirdly, the ability to choose your own hours is a huge perk.

A traveling notary is available whenever and wherever it is required. Unlike at UPS locations, where you have to accommodate their hours and appointment schedule, you have more flexibility here.

If you’re in a pinch and need a notary ASAP, you’ll have to either wait in line for a walk-in or go far out of your way to find one who takes appointments on short notice. When you have an important paper to sign, that wastes your time and adds extra tension.

In the event that you retain the services of a mobile notary, the notary will travel to wherever you are, whenever you require their presence. They’ve got your back throughout regular business hours, after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays.

Less Costly

The fees charged by a public notary are an additional expense you must factor in carefully. If you decide to use a UPS location, you’ll either have to spend money on petrol or time and energy getting there. Having a mobile notary come to you saves you from having to pay for any of these unnecessary expenses.

A Mobile Notary Public is Able to Meet Any Requirement

In addition to notarizing papers, a mobile notary can perform a number of other services. Wills, deeds to property, medical records, and other official documents can all be notarized. A mobile notary, however, can also send someone to you to serve as a witness if you require one. No UPS location can make the same claim.

Document Service

It’s easy to forget anything at home in the chaos of getting ready for an appointment. It may be too late to reschedule by the time you notice this.

You can obtain your documents notarized swiftly and easily with the help of a mobile notary loan signing agent since you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Mobile Signing agents can handle your document notarization, print your copies and drop them off at a UPS location for you to pick up later. In this way, mobile services for documents like loan closings and real estate closings can be a real life saver.

Legal Documents Covered

Legal Records Covered by a $1,000,000 Insurance Policy Recognized by Law While everyone makes mistakes sometimes, you shouldn’t have to pay the price for someone else’s carelessness. There is minimal insurance coverage for notary errors made at UPS shops.

Having a mobile notary public who can go to you is a huge convenience. To give you an idea, at Las Vegas Notary 24/7 we have a $1,000,000 liability protection specifically for these situations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Notary Services

What is mobile notary service?

A mobile notary is a professional who will come to you to notarize your documents. This saves you the time and inconvenience of having to travel to a physical location. Mobile notary publics can be a loan signing agent, notarize medical documents, or help a title company and loan officers with financial institutions or a government agency.

What is the importance of notarizing documents?

Without a notary’s verification of the signer’s identity or the authenticity of the document’s contents, the document could not be legally binding. Notarizations may be needed, for instance, when mailing a will or trust to a lawyer for legal review. Therefore, governments have selected trained professionals called “notary public” to execute notarizations on behalf of the public.

A notary public is an impartial third party whose role it is to attest to the authenticity of papers and declare that they have not been tampered with. A notary public can help any private citizen or company owner authenticate, confirm, and certify legal documents.

Which Forms of Evidence Require an Official Notarization?

A notary public may be required to witness several different types of papers. Some situations under which you might want to use a notary public’s services are:





Loan Signing


I-9 Verification of Work Authorization

Other Related Services

Price of a Notary Public Service at a UPS Store?

Finding a free notary public signing agent who will attest to a legal document is difficult. How much it will cost you to get a document notarized at a UPS location is determined by local regulations. Without an appointment, the walk-in rate is $30 per document. Appointments to get legal papers notarized often cost between $10 and $15.

Which of These Two Services, UPS or Mobile Notary Services, Is More Convenient for You?

If you need a notary, it’s best to get one who travels to you. As we’ve shown, having a mobile notary public come to your place on your time is far more convenient than waiting for UPS to deliver your package.

The widespread accessibility of mobile notary services is another major benefit. UPS, on the other hand, has very limited availability of such services.


If you need a notary public in a hurry, you might first think to look for one at your local UPS shop because of the low fees and convenient hours they keep. Unfortunately, not all UPS stores provide notary services, so you may have to travel and wait in line.

Las Vegas Notary 24/7 provides mobile notaries to clients who value efficiency, flexibility, and precision. At your request, we may dispatch a mobile notary public to your residence or place of business anywhere in the country. Take advantage of Las Vegas Mobile Notary Services right away to get your papers notarized swiftly and accurately.

At Las Vegas Notary 24/7 we enjoy building relationships and our customers love our signing agents which you can tell from our many 5-star reviews. Contact us right now to find out how our mobile notary services might help you.

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